December 14

Why Do Dentists Need a Business Plan? | Engage Advisors

Starting a dental practice is much like starting any other business enterprise. New business owners often ask the question, “Is writing a business plan necessary?” The simple answer to this question is that a business plan is a crucial part of the start-up process.

Contrary to what most people think, a business plan is not only useful when you’re seeking external funding or investors for your business. It is the first determinant of your business’ viability. Besides that, having a business plan can do so much more for your dental practice.

December 08

Tax Deductions Guide, 5 Popular Breaks | Engage Advisors

Tax deductibles are all forms of expenses incurred wholly for business purposes. They are the necessary costs of your practice, and you can reduce the amount of tax you pay when you figure in these costs. You can outsource your financial management to a professional dental associate accountant San Diego who’ll explain what qualifies as tax-deductible. However, if you’re managing your practice finances, it’s even more vital for you to know these deductibles.

December 04

Practical Tips to Improve your Dental Financial Management Practice

It’s a great idea to have at least basic knowledge on how to improve your finances and have a balanced cash flow. There are a few ways that don’t require in-depth knowledge about accounting but can significantly improve the state if your dental practice financially. Let’s look at some of these simple ways to make your financial management better.


November 17

A Dentist's Guide to Choosing a CPA | Engage Advisors

A dental CPA is a licensed Certified Public Accountant that specializes in dental practice. The dentist CPA handles all the financial accounts of practice, offers advice on the best economical steps to take, manages the payment of appropriate taxes, and gives accurate account statements and management reports.

Although several CPAs will tell you that none of them were trained specially for dentists, you will readily find CPAs that focus only on working with dentists. Such accountants have gathered knowledge particular to the dental practice and offer the best assistance and advice.

November 09

Financial Planning for Dentists | Engage Advisors

When you start up your dental practice, you may want to do everything on your own. Don’t! Try to assign some duties to other staff members. Managing your training on your own is possible, but handling the accounting aspect can take its toll on you. Accounting is serious work and can be time-consuming. It’s best you hire an expert, such as a dental CPA Kansas City, to handle your accounts.

November 07

Is a higher tax deduction better?

Hiring a dental CPA Kansas City helps your dental practice get better financial transparency and reports. Your dental accountant will also give you excellent insights and advice to help you make more informed decisions. Besides, a CPA can help your practice reduce its tax bill and save money legally.

November 07

Making Changes To Payment System

Frauds are not readily exposed and can go on for a long time before you find out. Except you have one of the professional dental accountants Kansas City monitoring your accounts, fraudulent employees can entirely run down your practice, right under your nose. So, what are the popular ways dental practices get defrauded?

October 22

Tips on Writing A Great Dental Business Plan

You can write the plan for your business by yourself, or you can get a professional to write your dental business plan Kansas City. Either way, you should know what a business plan contains and understand it too. So what should go into a good plan? Let’s break it down for you View More...

October 17

CPA Accounting for Dentists - Engage Advisors

Don't worry. You are far from being the only one. [...]

As the famous saying goes, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Ensure you have a well-detailed plan for your business before you start. Your business plan should contain how your business structure will be, including financial plans and objectives. You can ask for tips from already practicing dental practitioners in writing a strategy correctly. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to write an excellent dental business plan Chicago.

October 09

Dental Practice Accounting Services - Engage Advisors

Having a sound accounting system in place gives yo [...]

One of the duties of a dental accountant is giving you insights on the financial metrics of your practice and helping you make plans on making it better. With the information on your accounting, you can make better financial goals, more informed business decisions, and prevent losses. Proper accounting also gives you more transparent financial reports. With this report, so you can easily communicate with your employees on ways to achieve your long-term objectives.

September 24

4 Things That Happen If You Avoid the Dentist

The goal of every business is to satisfy a need an [...]

As you’re making profits in your practice, another thing you can end up worrying about is “are my making enough profits?” “Where are all my profits going into?” “How can I keep track of my profit level? However, as a dentist, most of your time may go in providing quality service for your patients. As a result, the financial aspect of your business may suffer negligence or lack of structuring for proper business growth. This is where dental professionals come in. You can hire a dental associate accountant in San Diego, to take charge of every aspect of your financial planning, and organization. With an accountant guiding you, you can make better business decisions and help your practice get to where it should be at the right time.

September 16

CHICAGO - Engage Advisors

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September 11

Dentist CPA Chicago - Engage Advisors

Dental insurance contracts are often very benefit- [...]

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September 03

Best Dental Cpa Chicago - Engageadvisors

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August 20

Top Accounting Tips Every Dentist Should Know

Cost-cutting is a vital way to make your practice [...]

In running a successful business, it is essential to know and understand what goes on in the financial world of your business. Learn about the simple financial terms used in organizing accounts and business cash flows. This way, you will know what you are doing when it comes to your operating expenses and profits. Learning and understanding all these financial terms may sometimes be challenging to combine with the rigors of your practice. You can hire a dental accountant to do it for you. There are several dental accountants in San Diego with adequate knowledge on how to handle your accounts properly.