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January 21

Quality Children Eye Test in Melbourne

The team at Eyeplus Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive children eye test that assesses all parts of your vision and eye health in Melbourne. Book your appointment on (03) 8813 0505.

January 21

The Growing demand for the Electronic Nose Market Act As a Defense against Hazardous Environment

An electronic nose is an electronic device designe [...]

The growing demand for the electronic nose market as a defense against hazardous environments for consumer goods and the healthcare sector is driving the market growth. Increasing use of artificial sensors to identify and test a range of parameters such as detect the leak of dangerous gases or decayed goods is again augmenting the market growth. 

January 21

Osseointegration Implants Are Proving to be Breakthrough Innovation for People Who Require Amputation

The concept of osseointegration implants is that t [...]

Apart from being used in dental implants, osseointegration implants are used in limb prosthesis for stable and improved walking and joint movement. These implants are directly connected to bones and therefore do not cause skin breakdown. Besides they feel like an extension of the natural body part.

January 21

Increasing Demand for Prepared and Packaged Food Products to Boost Demand for Thermoformed Plastic Products for Food and Beverage Industry

Thermoformed plastic products for food and beverag [...]

The need for thermoformed plastic products for food and beverage industry often vary from company to company based upon the size of the product, the location in which it is needed, and many other factors. When a new product is introduced into the market, it is very important for a manufacturer to make custom packaging decisions to ensure its distribution costs are kept to a minimum.

January 21

South America Residential Water Treatment Equipment Include Use of Softening Chemicals and Reverse Osmosis

The market for South America residential water tre [...]

Although most of the residential water treatment solutions that are available in the South America residential water treatment equipment markets of Brazil and Mexico are effective against most of the contaminants, you should still have them periodically tested to ensure that they are still effective. New technologies have been developed which can eliminate some of the major issues concerning this issue. Reverse osmosis can be considered as the most advanced technology in water softening. However, the most expensive part of this whole house system is its installation.

January 21

GCC Lubricant Packaging Demand to Decline Due to Covid-19 Pandemic and Resultant Decrease in Sales of Automobiles

Currently most of the lubricants imported into Asi [...]

here has been a significant amount of consolidation in the last few years among the largest players in the market for GCC lubricant packaging. Moreover, some of these players have merged with smaller companies in an attempt to reduce their operating costs. This has resulted in increased competition in some areas and price wars in others. The large companies will provide the bulk of the demand, however small and medium sized vendors will play an important role in counterbalancing the dominant players.

January 21

Why React Native for Mobile App Development?

Why we use React Native for mobile application dev [...]
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Top Reasons to Consider React Native for Your Next Mobile Application Development Project

Creating a cross-platform app nowadays becomes a must for native mobile app development. React native app development is the most popular framework used by developers for cross-platform development. As an open-source platform, React Native eases the migration of any fully developed Native app to a React Native app.

React Native mobile app development helps bypass both factions of developers, who prefer native or hybrid mobile app development.

The differences between Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web apps

  • Native:

    Native apps are developed for a specific platform, such as Android apps and iOS apps.

  • Hybrid:

    Hybrid apps are a blend of web and native solutions. The application’s core, in this case, is written using web technologies.

  • Mobile Web:

    Mobile web applications are apps for mobile devices that merely require a web browser to be installed on the device. They use web technologies and are not limited by the underlying mobile OS for deployment.

What is React Native?

React Native has been popular right from the time of its inception, as it develops mobile apps that work on both platforms – iOS and Android.

React Native is a popular mobile app framework that is based on JavaScript. A react native app developer can build natively rendered apps for Android and iOS using React Native. The application for the different platforms is created using the same codebase.

Why do we use React Native?

1. Community matters

React Native has a dedicated community of developers and tech fanatics. They make their presence felt over forums, and are delighted to respond to genuine queries posted by react native mobile app developers having varied levels of expertise. This helps with making react mobile apps, overcome bottlenecks, and come up with specialized solutions.

2. Simplified UI

Mobile app development with React Native results in a simple and smooth UI because the developers have access to the Native API. The resulting mobile app UI is a high performer. It inculcates all required details and is created without any complexities.

3. Reusable code & pre-built components

Components in React Native are re-usable controls. They can be used at all places in a React Native project and can be customized using Props. When one builds React Native app, codes in React Native are also reusable and can be shared cross-platform with React JS.

4. Third-party plugin support

With third party plugins, the need for several specific web view functions is eradicated. By using the React Native framework, a plugin may be linked with a native module. This links the processes with different web options and results in smoother operation, quicker loading times, and improved memory management.

5. Modular architecture

Modular architecture is a software design technique prevalent in React Native. By using interchangeable and independent blocks known as modules, program functions are separated. This renders flexibility and adjustment to the development process and facilitates an enhanced collaboration amongst teams. React Native mobile app developers are hence empowered to reuse the modules. This may be accomplished while working over separate projects, or parts of the same app.

6. Live and hot reloading

React Native offers a range of improvements over React ideas and builds upon them. This enables developers to create powerful mobile applications. Two such features are live reloading and hot reloading. A developer can enable these features while using the app.

Live reloading

Live reloading reloads the app on saving. A developer will hence instantly see the latest changes that he makes to the code. They reflect on the app in real-time. Let us suppose that one has two windows open, one for the code and the other for the mobile screen. When a developer changes the code, they will instantly reflect over the mobile screen, and vice-versa.

Hot reloading

Hot reloading is in place is to inject new versions of the files edited at runtime, while keeping the app running. This comes to be especially handy when one tweaks the UI, as one does not lose any of one’s state.

One can recover from a red box through hot reloading. One can similarly import modules as well, without having to do a full reload.

7. Declarative coding style

Declarative coding style helps a react native developer create complicated styles from simpler styles. This is achieved with the use of object destructuring in style declaration. By getting concise and readable styles, the developer can be declarative in React Native components.

8. Plenty of ready-made solutions and libraries

React Native comes with elaborate and numerous third-party libraries. They accelerate and bring convenience to React Native development. Many among the libraries are proven and effective. If you hire react native app developers, they’d be in a better position to decide upon the best libraries and plugins for use as professionals.

9. Cost-effective solution

As compared to Native app development, React Native development is a more affordable solution. This makes React Native development particularly lucrative for startups and SMEs. React Native is less expensive because the same code is used for both, iOS and Android platforms. Development times are hence reduced by 50%. The need for programming languages such as C++, Java, and Swift, and the relevant skills is done away with. React Native developers instead specialize in the Native UI library and create amazing apps using the framework.

What does this mean for you?

React Native apps are a great time-saving solution because they allow developers to create one app instead of two, which will work over both, iOS and Android devices. React native app development also offers some prime advantages over hybrid app development, such as reusable native components and supporting third party integration.


Cyblance is your preferred choice as a react native app development company with the elaborate experience and know-how of our developers. We also create winning React native Woocommerce mobile apps for web malls. Similarly, as the best hybrid app development company, we deliver hybrid app development services using React Native. This delivers a range of important advantages for hybrid apps, such as a shared codebase between Android and iOS, and a look and feel similar to Native Apps.

January 21

यार हरयाणे ते Yaar Haryane Te Lyrics in Hindi - Khasa Aala Chahar ft. KD

Yaar Haryane Te Lyrics - Khasa Aala Chahar ft. KD. [...]

Song Details :-

  • Song : यार हरयाणे ते Yaar Haryane Te Lyrics
  • Singer : Khasa Aala Chahar
  • Lyrics : Khasa Aala Chahar & KD
  • Music : Dj Sky
  • DOP : Shelly Dhiman
  • Director : Raweye
  • Music Label : Speed Records Haryanvi